Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spoof Rental Inquiry email from VRBO?

I received a rental inquiry email from VRBO;  I know that I am not advertising with them for last two years. The email did not have a phone number; it did have an email and several links under the property ID and several other text like " This message contains blocked images Sow Images Here"

I did a copy link and pasted the results to note pad and the links were all the same and looked to be code.

I called VRBO and was asked to forward the email to them. They also informed me that the property ID on the inquiry was from a property in Florida.

The header of the email was VRBO's logo image.

 Please be on the lookout for any email inquiries and NEVER click on a link in any emails even if you know they show to be from a trusted sender. If you hover over a link and right mouse click and Select "Copy Shortcut" open note pad or any text editor and past the link information you will be able to tell if it is from a trusted URL.

Hope this helps to prevent anyone getting malware on their system from any such inquiry emails as it is very apparent to me this was the intent of the email received...
In VRBO's defense the rental inquiry email I received was not generated from them. I checked the email source code and it was not generated by them. The sender was using their send email address and logo; so be ware they can do the same with any listing sites logo and email address!

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