Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Great Deal not a Cheap Deal!

It is becoming more and more common that we get last minute calls from guest that inquired about our vacation rental accommodations and did not rent with us. They have arrived at that cheaper rental accommodation they booked only to discover that it does not meet their expectations!

We ask everyone to check testimonials, pictures and ask questions when inquiring about accommodations in Dorado Puerto Rico. This should be the same for anyone inquiring about accommodations anywhere. You get what you pay for and the cheapest price is not always the best deal.

A clean, safe, comfortable accommodation with a focus on client service is what we offer all visitors who stay at our vacation rental home.
It is happening more and more each year especially in the last two years. We communicate with the inquiring guest, answer all their questions and they find something for a lower price and book it.

We always say “keep our information for any future visits or if you arrive at the booked rental and are not happy you can call us and if we have availability we will try to accommodate your needs”. It’s not always a possibility and we hate to turn them away but it has happened. So in an effort to prevent these we always say check, check, and check.
  • Check to make sure they accept credit cards even if you are paying by check
  • Check to make sure they have a website with pictures and information on how they operate
  • Check to make sure they have testimonials; not only on their site but also on the big listing sites!
The more listing sites they are on the more money they are spending to market their accommodations and service which means they care. Ask questions and never deal with anyone who will only deal with you via emails. They should pick up the phone and qualify you as a legitimate renter and answer any questions you have to ask them. We always call because we care who stays in our home! We have discovered that people who stay and take good care of our home are our best resource for marketing as the people they recommend also take care of the place also.

Never pay a vacation rental via western union as said funds are untraceable and you are guaranteed to arrival at someone’s home that has no idea who you are and has never rented to anyone.

It happens; be smart and make sure you are getting a Great Deal! Clean, Safe, Comfortable accommodations with Great Service, Not a Cheap Deal!

Villas de Costa Mar Vacation Rentals GREAT DEAL in Dorado Puerto Rico!