Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Best Holiday Season I ever Celebrated without the Cold!

I don’t know about where you are at but it’s getting cold here in Delaware.
The heat is on and the temperature is truly dropping in the evenings. We have already changed to nice warm blankets, as we both like it when we are warm. Coming from a tropical climate I really could do without those really cold days and nights when the temperature drops below thirty. Actually I have a problem when it drops below fifty and so does my wife Nelly. Sorry but we like it warm!

The only things we like about fall & winter are the holidays. That being said the best Christmas holidays we have had were when we were in Puerto Rico for the holidays.
Christmas in Puerto Rico is a non stop celebration all the way to January 06 “Dia de los Reyes” (Three kings Day). Jan. 06 marks the end of the Christmas holiday season in Puerto Rico. Just like in the main land USA the holiday starts with thanksgiving celebration. Some households due opt for the traditional Turkey dinner but it goes beyond the turkey to baked picnic hams (Pernil or pork ham) to pasteles (Puerto Rican savory cakes in banana leaves), arroz con gandules (Rice with Pigeon peas). The food is all to die for and the best part of any holidays anywhere!

So why are we talking holiday, foods and Puerto Rico? Because! It’s the best time of year to visit Puerto Rico. The weather is great; the natives are in celebration mode and willing to share. You could never go to a Puerto Rican household during the holidays and refuse a meal; they are just not going to have it. They will start offering you different things as they bring it to the table and before you know it the music is playing and you are sitting in front of a feast fit for a king. NO! Is not an acceptable response to an offer to dine in any Puerto Rican household.

I recall when I lived there and was working and took the bus to work, kids singing Christmas songs on the bus every day. No matter where you went the holiday music was playing and everyone was in a festive mode and there was always plenty to eat and drink.

If you have never spent a Christmas in Puerto Rico my advice to you is that as soon as you finish reading this go book a two or three week trip and really have a holiday trip to remember. Leave the diet vocabulary back at home or make a new year's resolution that you will definitely start eating health when you get back. But definitely bring your appetite!

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FELICIDADES Y PROSPERO AÑO NUEVO, Happy Holidays & a Prosperous New Year!