Monday, March 2, 2015

Snow and Ice; I am ready right now for Sun and Fun!

For those in the north-east, snow and ice has become a common theme in the last few weeks. If it was not for my son’s school days I would be in sunny warm Puerto Rico! This morning started with warming up the frigid cars all iced over. First was my wife’s car so she can get to work and my car so I can drive my son to school so he does not have to wait at bus stop in this cold weather. My car was low on gas so I took the trip to gas station after twenty minutes of defrosting the ice on windshields. Back to the house to chisel the ice on the walkways and driveways. Right tools makes it manageable task. So I then head back into the house when the cell phone goes off a call from NCS my son’s school; they cancelled school for the day! The first thing that came to mind was if I only knew this on Thursday I would have packed up the family and gone south for the weekend!

That thought in mind as soon as school is over this year we are headed to Puerto Rico to enjoy our little piece of paradise. Sun and fun for two weeks or more if I can convince my wife that my son and I are staying until school starts; not a likely event but I will give it my best.
One week, two week or more what makes sense is to get away and enjoy Puerto Rico and all it has to offer! If you are ready for some sun, fun and relaxation and getting away from the snow and ice go over to our website and give us a call or process a reservation and give me the best time to call you to assist you in securing your dates for sun and fun in paradise; your family and you deserve it…

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