Friday, January 4, 2013

Vacation Rental Amenities

Villas de Costa Mar
A question came up the other day; “Why do we supply our guest with flat screen TVs’, Xbox Consoles, Xbox live, Stereo system, internet access and Dish Network service if they are on vacation to explore and enjoy what the island has to offer?”

They went on to say that most guest just use the accommodations to crash at night and are up and gone in the morning. When they are on vacation their main focus is where to next and what do we want to do today. So why waste money on all the appliances, electronics and services we provide?
My answer was that this is our vacation home and we have equipped it with all the appliances, electronics and services we use back at home. When we visit and we do visit our vacation home each year for two weeks or more. We want to have all the comforts of home when we arrive; we quickly settle right in and don’t miss anything because we have it all available to us. It’s a great feeling to get home each day and be able to relax and do the different things we do on a daily bases. Watch TV, browse the internet, hear some music, play our games. It’s all what being home is all about. So we want the same comforts at our vacation rental. We love exploring the island going out for diner visiting friends and family, relaxing on the beach. We also love the felling we get after a long day of sun and fun when we arrive back at our vacation home to relax and unwind maybe stay in tonight and throw something on the grill, have a few drinks, enjoy the rooftop terrace by watching the sunset.
A vacation home also alloys us the opportunity to invite our family over for a visit and enjoy their company also; and they love to come for the beach. It’s all about giving our guest the same experience we love and enjoy when we have our vacations. We can save on breakfast, lunch, snacks and diner if we want to; we have the option to do so and that is always a good thing.

We all need to get away and by providing our vacation home to others they all have somewhere to go and relax and enjoy the same way we enjoy it. Different people will all do different things when on vacation and enjoy their visit in different ways; what we offer is a safe, clean, comfortable accommodation with all the comforts of home for when they arrive back at the end of the day! The choice to spread out, use the balcony for reading, rooftop terrace, master bedroom, guest bedroom, dining area table, living area and the fully equipped kitchen.  Much more room that a cramped hotel room with a lot more options that allow them to plan and save for other things they want to do on your vacation.
That feeling of it’s been a great day, we had a great time but we are glad to be back to the comfort of a place to relax, unwind and re-energize for the adventures tomorrow will bring. It’s all about the comforts we want in our vacation home and being able to provide our guest with the same!

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