Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Best Holiday Season I ever Celebrated without the Cold!

I don’t know about where you are at but it’s getting cold here in Delaware.
The heat is on and the temperature is truly dropping in the evenings. We have already changed to nice warm blankets, as we both like it when we are warm. Coming from a tropical climate I really could do without those really cold days and nights when the temperature drops below thirty. Actually I have a problem when it drops below fifty and so does my wife Nelly. Sorry but we like it warm!

The only things we like about fall & winter are the holidays. That being said the best Christmas holidays we have had were when we were in Puerto Rico for the holidays.
Christmas in Puerto Rico is a non stop celebration all the way to January 06 “Dia de los Reyes” (Three kings Day). Jan. 06 marks the end of the Christmas holiday season in Puerto Rico. Just like in the main land USA the holiday starts with thanksgiving celebration. Some households due opt for the traditional Turkey dinner but it goes beyond the turkey to baked picnic hams (Pernil or pork ham) to pasteles (Puerto Rican savory cakes in banana leaves), arroz con gandules (Rice with Pigeon peas). The food is all to die for and the best part of any holidays anywhere!

So why are we talking holiday, foods and Puerto Rico? Because! It’s the best time of year to visit Puerto Rico. The weather is great; the natives are in celebration mode and willing to share. You could never go to a Puerto Rican household during the holidays and refuse a meal; they are just not going to have it. They will start offering you different things as they bring it to the table and before you know it the music is playing and you are sitting in front of a feast fit for a king. NO! Is not an acceptable response to an offer to dine in any Puerto Rican household.

I recall when I lived there and was working and took the bus to work, kids singing Christmas songs on the bus every day. No matter where you went the holiday music was playing and everyone was in a festive mode and there was always plenty to eat and drink.

If you have never spent a Christmas in Puerto Rico my advice to you is that as soon as you finish reading this go book a two or three week trip and really have a holiday trip to remember. Leave the diet vocabulary back at home or make a new year's resolution that you will definitely start eating health when you get back. But definitely bring your appetite!

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FELICIDADES Y PROSPERO AÑO NUEVO, Happy Holidays & a Prosperous New Year!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vacation Rentals during Economic Times

Vacations offer us and our families the necessary getaway time to relax and spend some quality time together. Do not postpone this very important time with your family, as we all need that time to relax and regenerate our bodies and mind. It is not healthy to just focus on our jobs and not take the time to be with our family. Everyone needs to get away, change our environment, relax and do something different with our loved ones. You have worked all year and the kids and you have also been concentrating on school and their activities. Everyone needs to get away no exceptions, as we all deserve it for our health and the stability of our families and relationships.

That being said; how can we spend some quality time together and not break the bank. The answer would be to select a destination we want to explore or even somewhere you have been before and had a great time at. The next thing is to forgo the hotel reservation and rent a house, villa, condo, apartment or cabin depending on your chosen location. There are several vacation rental listing sites that you can use to find the right rental accommodations for you and your family.

Vacation rentals provide us with a much more affordable accommodations and give us the choice of either eating in or eating out. We can also stock the refrigerator and have breakfast and lunch plus snacks available for all times of day. This is the economical way to feed the family while on vacation.

Then there is the room to spread out and secure your own space within the rental for quite time to read a book or go online and do some Internet surfing. A lot of rental accommodations have master suites so the parents can have some along time in the evenings to spend with your spouse or partner.

Vacation rentals are a lot more comfortable, economical and private than a cramp hotel room. You will also be away from those late night doors slamming and people in and out of their rooms making all that noise. Breakfast will also be a lot more private and less stressful with just your family having what they want and planning the day out.

So to review vacation rentals are the new way to vacation with your family for the benefit of all to get away relax and spend some quality time together and regenerate ourselves. They are also more private, economical and you will have more room for the whole family.

Another great article to help you select the correct vacation rental accommodation is “Picking a Vacation Rental” you can find it in the articles on this same blog.

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Happy vacationing starts with the right location and vacation rental.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Picking a Vacation Rental

More and more people are finding that vacation rentals by owners are the new way to vacation. Weather you rent from a property owner or property management service here are some very important things to help you select the best vacation place in the listings.

The number one thing when making a vacation rental decision should not be the price. You get what you paid for is still the theme to remember here. There are a lot of different vacation rental accommodations by owners and selecting the perfect one is not hard. If you do your research, ask the right questions and follow the below you will be fine and have a great vacation.

Look for vacation rental accommodations that have plenty of pictures of their rentals. You should only deal with owners that are willing to call and speak to you. Owners who like to qualify their potential guest are ones who care about who stays in their rentals. This is a good thing since they are concerned about keeping their rentals in prime condition. They want guest who will take care of their place and things.

You want to rent from someone who has plenty of testimonials from prior guest. This is your best source of information about the accommodations, services and the general area where the rentals are.

Always look for rentals that offer parking off the street and offer safe secure comfortable accommodations. The testimonials are a great place to confirm this is true.

If you are still note sure speak to the owners and ask if they can provide you with references and or review the testimonials for emails and names of prior guest and ask for permission to contact them.

Price should not be the determining factor in your selection. If you have a price in mind, speak to the owner and negotiate with them. Always remember that the more inquiries they get for the same time period and the more popular their rentals are the faster you need to move to secure said rental. Ask them if they have availability and if there are other inquiries for the same time period.

If you have never been to said destination ask questions as to how the area is during the time of year you will be visiting. A lot of beachfront rentals will get a lot of local traffic during high beach season for said area.

Look for rentals that have their rentals listed on multiple paid for listing sites. Better yet look for rentals that have a professionally build website. The website should have their contact information. Look for owners that take credit cards even if you pay by check. This guarantees you are renting from an establish rental owner. You should always be able to pick up the phone and contact then and not just via email. Never rent from an owner who will only deal with you via emails! Never pay for a vacation rental via Western Union, as these funds are not traceable.

Communicating with the owner and asking questions is the best way to guarantee you get a safe, clean, secure and proven rental accommodation. Always read the rules and regulations in advance and know exactly what you are paying for. Know what the amenities are, these should be clearly listed on the website. Prices should also be clearly listed on the website along with information on the area and attractions.

The final price should be in writing in an email and always insist on a payment confirmation with every payment made. Owners that have property managers who meet and greet you and show you the rentals are always a nice touch. They will usually be your point of contact. Owners should also provide you with a phone number you can contact them at in the event you cannot reach the property manager.

Always do your research and contact the owners at least four to five months in advance. The decision process should take three to four days of back and forth telephone conversations after the initial email. Most owners will email you information and follow-up with a phone call to review the details on the email and get to know who they are renting to. Always provide a call back number and the best time to call you back.

What you will finally get is a great vacation rental accommodation that will be like a home away form home with all the comforts of home. Vacation rentals are great for a family of three or more as you will have room to rest and relax in after a day of exploring, hanging out by the beach, whatever the area has to offer.

Vacation rentals are a lot better than cramp hotel room that you will probably pay twice as much for as you will for a vacation rental. Plus you will always have the option of eating in or going out for your meals.

Another great thing about a nice vacation rental with a master bedroom is that you will be able to spend some private time with your loved ones after the kids are tucked in for the night.

Enjoy you next vacation rental and visit for all your vacation rental destination needs. If your destination is Puerto Rico check-out for the best beachfront vacation rental apartments in Dorado Puerto Rico.