Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Two Days to Travel, Five days to relax, explore rejuvenate and have fun!

You need to get away to refuel, relax, feed the mind, soul and body. Five days minimum will have to do and is perfect plus two travel days so it’s a seven day vacation. I did not need to twist your arm; seven days it is!
So where to? Puerto Rico is a few hours away, paradise weather, beach sun and fun so it's Puerto Rico! No arm twisting here either!

Day one is travel day; if you book an early flight you will be able to take in the sites to the rental accommodations do some food shopping and get settled in early for an early start on day two of your vacation. Plenty of time to plan...
So where to on day two? El Yunque tropical rain forest, explore/adventure or Old San Juan for sightseeing, shopping and much more?

Water Fall in El Yunque
El Yunque: Hiking, Nature Trials, Outdoor Learning, Picnicking, Scenic Driving, Water Activities. Site for info. El Yunque
Old San Juan:  immerse yourself in its timeless beauty and charm, Monuments, Memorials, History, Architecture, Old Forts, Shopping, dining, walking tours, dancing. Walking tours map in PDF: Old San Juan
Ok so whichever one you pick for day two the other could be your day three experiance.

So we still have so many more places to visit including the beach across the street if you are taking us up on our invitation to stay with us at Villas de Costa Mar; so let's say we leave the beach for the evening on any day you are back early or the last day before you leave. You can put a wash on and visit the beach for a few hours to relax, finish the wash and packing for your trip back home.
Guavate, Pork Highway Restaurants
So we have day four and five. So if you love dining and enjoy pork dishes my next suggestion is Puerto Rico's pork Highway in Guavate. I wrote an article on this in my blog which you can read...  Pork Highway. This is a nice drive; visit our site for Google map of the Villas de Costa Mar area and you can map yourself to anywhere on the island, including Guavate.

beach in AguadillaOne more day and so much to see so let's head to the west coast of Puerto Rico. You can stop in Aguadilla and go ice skating; so you can say you ice skated in Puerto Rico! You can take in all Aguadilla has to offer; read my article for more info. 
Light HouseOr on to Rincon for water sports, gift shops and galleries, dining and restaurants. Or Light house to watch the surfers or Whale watching during winter season. Plenty to do in Rincon.
Other attractions on west coast are Camuy Caves, Arecibo Observatory, Historic Ponce, Bio-Luminescent bay Guaica.
All towns in Puerto Rico celebrate their patron saint’s festival and these are also great to visit to visit/sample different areas, foods and cultural styles. For calendar of festivals visit this page: Patron Saint Festivals
So much to do with so little time so plan ahead make the best of it, write your bucket list and start checking them off and visit again in a few years; we will be here waiting to service your accommodation needs so you can rest and relax for all your adventures in Puerto Rico and all this tropical island paradise has to offer, make us your summer vacation home; hasta su próxima visita...

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