Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Las Fiestas de las Navidades

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hispanic Hertage Month Sep. 15 - Oct 15 2015

Mes de la Herencia Hispana

 Hispanic Heritage  Sep. 15 - Oct 15, 2015

 Villas de Costa Mar invites You and Your Familias to visit with us and help us celebrate the cultural treasures and makeup of the Hispanic Nations of people!

Great sounds for all Hispanics curtesy of  Gente De Zona

La Gozadera

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Two Days to Travel, Five days to relax, explore rejuvenate and have fun!

You need to get away to refuel, relax, feed the mind, soul and body. Five days minimum will have to do and is perfect plus two travel days so it’s a seven day vacation. I did not need to twist your arm; seven days it is!
So where to? Puerto Rico is a few hours away, paradise weather, beach sun and fun so it's Puerto Rico! No arm twisting here either!

Day one is travel day; if you book an early flight you will be able to take in the sites to the rental accommodations do some food shopping and get settled in early for an early start on day two of your vacation. Plenty of time to plan...
So where to on day two? El Yunque tropical rain forest, explore/adventure or Old San Juan for sightseeing, shopping and much more?

Water Fall in El Yunque
El Yunque: Hiking, Nature Trials, Outdoor Learning, Picnicking, Scenic Driving, Water Activities. Site for info. El Yunque
Old San Juan:  immerse yourself in its timeless beauty and charm, Monuments, Memorials, History, Architecture, Old Forts, Shopping, dining, walking tours, dancing. Walking tours map in PDF: Old San Juan
Ok so whichever one you pick for day two the other could be your day three experiance.

So we still have so many more places to visit including the beach across the street if you are taking us up on our invitation to stay with us at Villas de Costa Mar; so let's say we leave the beach for the evening on any day you are back early or the last day before you leave. You can put a wash on and visit the beach for a few hours to relax, finish the wash and packing for your trip back home.
Guavate, Pork Highway Restaurants
So we have day four and five. So if you love dining and enjoy pork dishes my next suggestion is Puerto Rico's pork Highway in Guavate. I wrote an article on this in my blog which you can read...  Pork Highway. This is a nice drive; visit our site for Google map of the Villas de Costa Mar area and you can map yourself to anywhere on the island, including Guavate.

beach in AguadillaOne more day and so much to see so let's head to the west coast of Puerto Rico. You can stop in Aguadilla and go ice skating; so you can say you ice skated in Puerto Rico! You can take in all Aguadilla has to offer; read my article for more info. 
Light HouseOr on to Rincon for water sports, gift shops and galleries, dining and restaurants. Or Light house to watch the surfers or Whale watching during winter season. Plenty to do in Rincon.
Other attractions on west coast are Camuy Caves, Arecibo Observatory, Historic Ponce, Bio-Luminescent bay Guaica.
All towns in Puerto Rico celebrate their patron saint’s festival and these are also great to visit to visit/sample different areas, foods and cultural styles. For calendar of festivals visit this page: Patron Saint Festivals
So much to do with so little time so plan ahead make the best of it, write your bucket list and start checking them off and visit again in a few years; we will be here waiting to service your accommodation needs so you can rest and relax for all your adventures in Puerto Rico and all this tropical island paradise has to offer, make us your summer vacation home; hasta su próxima visita...

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Stay with us at Villas de Costa Mar for clean, safe, secure, comfortable accommodations in Dorado Puerto Rico and do day trips to anywhere in the island. Directions and instructions in our rentals and on our website... Your Family and You Deserve It!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Chocolate in Paradise!

There is something here for everyone (Puerto Rico)…
Even for those Chocolate lovers; yes chocolate in paradise what more can you ask for?
I have fond memories of the whole family gathering to make hot chocolate back in our apartment in NYC. Chocolate Cortez, was a huge chocolate bar that we used to shave the chocolate off and put in the hot boiling milk. Let it sit a few minutes until it was warm enough to drink; memories of my introduction to chocolate. I am sure we all have memories of some time in our lives when we were introduced to chocolate. How about dreaming on going to a tropical island laying on the breach and exploring; remember those day dreams? You can have the best of both worlds in May…

Enough reminiscing we are here to talk about my two best subjects! Sun, fun in paradise and
chocolate; yes it is possible to really enjoy them both. The Puerto Rico chocolate Festival 2015 International Tasting comes to Mayaguez, Puerto Rico in May 2015. This is the third edition and from what I know about chocolate this will be around for many more editions in coming years.

So when is it, what can we expect at this festival? Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Tasting Stations, Chocolate Competitions, Workshops/Seminars/Demo Kitchen; great chocolate and a whole lot of sun and fun! Dates are May 16-17 10:00am - 6:00pm on the west side of the island in Mayaguez.
It’s about a two hour trip from Dorado and Villas de Costa Mar via Hwy 22; very easy to get to and a great day trip. If you leave Dorado by 7:30 am you will have more than enough time to get there by opening/starting time. Follow this link for more on the festival...
Puerto Rico Chocolate Festival 2015

Mayaguez has much more to see and do so read our Mayaguez article after this one below…
Stay with us in Dorado at Villas de Costa Mar; your best choice for beachfront vacation rentals in Dorado, Puerto Rico; Your family and you deserve it.

Villas de Costa Mar for clean, safe, secure, comfortable accommodations in Dorado Puerto Rico and do day trips to anywhere in the island. Directions and instructions in our rentals and on our website...


Mayagüez (Spanish pronunciation: [maʝaˈɣwes]) is the eighth-largest] municipality of Puerto Rico. Originally founded as "Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria" it is also known as "La Sultana del Caribe" (The Sultaness of the Caribbean), "Ciudad de las Aguas Puras" (City of Pure Waters), or "Ciudad del Mangó" (City of the Mango). On April 6, 1894, the Spanish crown gave it the formal title of "Excelente Ciudad de Mayagüez" (Excellent City of Mayaquez

The city's main Roman Catholic church, "Our Lady of the Candelaria" (plot consecrated on August 21, 1760, first masonry building erected in 1780, current church originally built in 1836) was rebuilt in 1922. The original redesign by architect Luis Perocier sought to restore the building to its original splendor. Not only had the 1918 Puerto Rico earthquake destroyed the temple's ceiling, but a lightning bolt also struck and tore down a wedge-shaped corner of one of its two bell towers. However, lack of proper funding and the extent of the damage of the original structure forced the actual rebuilding to be scaled-down considerably.

Mayaguez is located near the geographical center of the west coast of Puerto Rico about two hours by automobile from San Juan. Its land area is 77.6 square miles (201.06 km2). The city's terrain includes; coast plains, river valleys, marshland, hills and mountains. Of its multiple rivers and streams, the two most important are the Río Yagüez, which flows from the Central Mountain Range through downtown until it empties into the Mona Passage; and the Río Guanajibo, which flows through several neighborhoods in the southern portion of the municipality until it empties in the Mona Passage as well.

Among Mayagüez's main attractions you will find the Yagüez Theater and Mayagüez Post Office, which are considered historic landmark buildings, both located on McKinley Street.

Mayagüez is home of the only Zoo in the island, Juan A. Rivero Zoo (commonly known as Mayagüez Zoo), home of numerous birds, mammals and reptiles (including Bengal tigers, and Andean condors among others). Cages and open compounds stand in an attractively landscaped setting of small islands, a lake, tropical vegetation and children's playground. Open Wed-Sun from 8:30am to 4:00pm. (787) 834-8110.

In 1911, the College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts was founded in Mayagüez. Today it is known as the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez (UPRM) — the Caribbean's leading science and engineering institution. The Tropical Agricultural Research Station located at University of Puerto Rico host many species of exotic plants and trees such as the traveler's tree, shower of orchids, ceylon cinnamon and pink torch ginger. Self-guided tours are available. Open Mon-Fri 7:00am to 4:00pm. (787) 831-3435.

Places to visit…
Best Western Mayaguez Casino

Open daily from noon to 4am.

Casa Aduana
Cervecería India
Annual capacity of 800000 barrels.

Christopher Columbus Town Square
Club Deportivo del Oeste
Design by Jack Bender, this golf course opened in 1965 and expanded to an 18 hole in 2003. Green Fees: $10.00. Open daily 6:30am to 7:30pm

Maricao Forest Reserve
Home of a vast amount of flora, 582 species, 339 genera and 113 families. Open Tue-Sun 7:30am-4pm.

Mayaguez Zoo
Home of numerous birds, mammals and reptiles. Cages and open compounds stand in an attractively landscaped setting of small islands, a lake, tropical vegetation and children playground. Open Wed-Sun 8:30am-4:00pm. Admission kids under 4 are free, 5-11 US$8, adults US$13, seniors $6.50. Parking - cars US$3 and buses US$4.
Mayaguez Mall

Plaza Colon
An interesting landmark to explore, the Plaza Colon features a large statue of Christopher Columbus that dominates the main square of Mayaguez. Sixteen smaller brass statues imported from Barcelona surround the main monument and add interest to this Spanish-style plaza.

Teatro Yaguez
This historic landmark first opened its doors in the early 1900s. This theater has an Art Deco style that is based on the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris.
Stay with us at Villas de Costa Mar for clean, safe, secure, comfortable accommodations in Dorado Puerto Rico and do day trips to anywhere in the island. Directions and instructions in our rentals and on our website...

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spoof Rental Inquiry email from VRBO?

I received a rental inquiry email from VRBO;  I know that I am not advertising with them for last two years. The email did not have a phone number; it did have an email and several links under the property ID and several other text like " This message contains blocked images Sow Images Here"

I did a copy link and pasted the results to note pad and the links were all the same and looked to be code.

I called VRBO and was asked to forward the email to them. They also informed me that the property ID on the inquiry was from a property in Florida.

The header of the email was VRBO's logo image.

 Please be on the lookout for any email inquiries and NEVER click on a link in any emails even if you know they show to be from a trusted sender. If you hover over a link and right mouse click and Select "Copy Shortcut" open note pad or any text editor and past the link information you will be able to tell if it is from a trusted URL.

Hope this helps to prevent anyone getting malware on their system from any such inquiry emails as it is very apparent to me this was the intent of the email received...
In VRBO's defense the rental inquiry email I received was not generated from them. I checked the email source code and it was not generated by them. The sender was using their send email address and logo; so be ware they can do the same with any listing sites logo and email address!

Look to us for all your accommodation needs in Puerto Rico; Your family and you deserve it...

Albert Rios Owner Operator Villas de COSTA MAR

Stay with us at Villas de Costa Mar for clean, safe, secure, comfortable accommodations in Dorado Puerto Rico and do day trips to anywhere in the island. Directions and instructions in our rentals and on our website...

Monday, March 2, 2015

Snow and Ice; I am ready right now for Sun and Fun!

For those in the north-east, snow and ice has become a common theme in the last few weeks. If it was not for my son’s school days I would be in sunny warm Puerto Rico! This morning started with warming up the frigid cars all iced over. First was my wife’s car so she can get to work and my car so I can drive my son to school so he does not have to wait at bus stop in this cold weather. My car was low on gas so I took the trip to gas station after twenty minutes of defrosting the ice on windshields. Back to the house to chisel the ice on the walkways and driveways. Right tools makes it manageable task. So I then head back into the house when the cell phone goes off a call from NCS my son’s school; they cancelled school for the day! The first thing that came to mind was if I only knew this on Thursday I would have packed up the family and gone south for the weekend!

That thought in mind as soon as school is over this year we are headed to Puerto Rico to enjoy our little piece of paradise. Sun and fun for two weeks or more if I can convince my wife that my son and I are staying until school starts; not a likely event but I will give it my best.
One week, two week or more what makes sense is to get away and enjoy Puerto Rico and all it has to offer! If you are ready for some sun, fun and relaxation and getting away from the snow and ice go over to our website and give us a call or process a reservation and give me the best time to call you to assist you in securing your dates for sun and fun in paradise; your family and you deserve it…

Villas de Costa Mar

Cell: 302-598-1386
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

April - May Events in Puerto Rico

2015 Saborea | APR 9-12, 2015 | SAVE THE DATE

One Day Pass!

An all-inclusive one-day pass will allow you to attend cooking demonstrations by culinary personalities and tastings from the islands finest restaurants.
Events will be held Thursday - Sunday, April 9th - 12th, 2015

Visit this link for more info...  2015 Saborea

On MAY 13th, the World Becomes an Island.

13-16 | May | 2015 | Puerto Rico Convention Center | San Juan

The inaugural International Tourism Expo - Puerto Rico is designed to showcase the beauty, sports, nature, adventure, and gastronomy experiences available throughout the Caribbean and beyond, bringing together members of the tourism industry from across the globe.    
Visit this link for more info... ETI Puerto Rico


April 3 Viernes Santo (Good Friday)
April 5 Domingo de la Resurrección (Easter)
April 20 Conmemoración del Natalicio de José de Diego (José de Diego Birthday)
(third Monday in April)
May 10 Día de las Madres (Mother's Day)
(second Sunday in May)
May 25 Memorial Day
(last Monday in May)

February - March Events in Puerto Rico

Xtreme Divers Puerto Rico

The Thrill of Free Fall

Skydiving School and More. Come and experience the thrill of human flight! Something out of the ordinary. Jump from more than 10,500 feet from a Cessna 182! Free-fall for more than 40 seconds at 120 miles per hour! Ride under the parachute for 5 to 6 minutes and enjoy the most scenic views of Puerto Rico.

Visit the link for more info... Xtreme Divers

 Día Nacional de la Zalsa (15 Mar 2015)

For all Salsa Music lovers, the 32nd edition National Salsa Day (Día Nacional de la Salsa) returns to the Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This musical event in Puerto Rico brings together some of the biggest Salsa Music stars for an unforgettable day of hot music and dance.

Visit the link for more info... Zalsa 2015

Puerto Rico Heineken JazzFest 2015

25 aniversario

Download the JazzFest brand resources
Thanks for your interest in the Puerto Rico Heineken JazzFest. We have a few guidelines for using PRHJF’s brand resources – please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them.
Download assets below.

Visit the link for more info...  JazzFest 2015

¡Qué Pasa! Magazine

January - February Edition...

¡Qué Pasa! magazine is the official tourism guide of the Tourism Company of Puerto Rico. It is produced by Casiano Communications Inc., the most experienced local magazine publishing company in Puerto Rico.

Visit the link for more info...  ¡Qué Pasa!