Thursday, October 16, 2014

Vacation Rental's; The Why Question?

Vacation Rentals Old San JuanMany articles have been written about “why a vacation rental?” question. Times have changed and will continue to do so; families still do need to get away to have fun, energize, rest, relax, explore and share adventures together. If you are not taking a vacation and getting away you are really not living and enjoying your life together!
Back to the why question; price is part of the answer. To most price is one of the major factors when planning a vacation. Plane tickets, car rentals, gas, food, some of these can and need to be estimated.
You know your plane fair but the hotel bill always comes at the end and can and will always be a bit more. With a vacation rental this is usually paid in advance to your trip so you have more of an idea as what you can spend once the plane and accommodations are off the list of questionable expenses.

So you have the largest two vacation expenses paid in advance unless you credit card them. Now if you decided on a vacation rental; food and the car rental are the next two bills so let’s tackle them.
The rental car (Read our article) is almost always on a credit card; hopefully an American express to take advantage of the coverage for the car. With the American express you just need to have the funds available when the bill comes and you usually know what it cost upfront. OK that is taken care or will be when you return.

Food; is the next one and we all know we will spend a lot more than we budgeted especially one we decide what we want to eat each day. In a vacation rental you have all the comforts of home, frig, stove, microwave, toaster, oven, pots, pans, diner ware so why not just make a shopping list for breakfast and dinner; you will have lunch on the go. Now you can narrow the food expense down to the shopping list and budget for lunch. The bonus to this is to also have snacks taken care of in the list so don’t forget snacks; hopefully something healthy. Lunch time can be your second time the family gets together to talk and discuss the events of the morning; first was breakfast to plan your day. It’s all about being together as a family or friends talking, planning sharing, enjoying each other’s company in person and not just texting.
Dinner will come at the vacation rental your choice a quick dinner or big feast either way it’s time to talk about the day’s adventure and plan for tomorrow… After dinner you will have the room in a vacation rental to pick a space and have some time for yourself. It’s great if you have a master bedroom suite for mom and dad to have some along time also; a big plus!

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